Sunday, July 6, 2014

Begin at the beginning...

Hello! My Name is Tia. I am 37 years old. I am a Single Mom.  And I am new to the make up game and/ trends. Follow me on this adventure to learn how to apply make up, what is good or bad about make up brands, and  what I have been missing all my life!

I have always been to busy or unconcerned about my appearance to worry about make up. This year started out no different. But then I was laid off, finding a new job was not easy. After a few failed interviews, I decided to do a self evaluation.You might wonder why I would do a self evaluation; I was a new mom, I was tired, dressed in comfy clothes all the time cause I had put a few pounds at my old job from stress eating(but that Journey is a whole other blog!)

Then I looked at my face I noticed I  had more "Freckles", Laugh lines, Crows feet etc. How could I change that? I started looking in to contouring, and found good make up is hellishly expensive, and the Clinique/Lancome counter at a department store is frankly intimidating. So where do you go?

Helloooo &, search cosmetics or make up and you can find a boatload of products!

My first purchase was the Shany Conceal and Camoflage Palette.
But where to start? This tutorial at make up Geek got me on the path.
This Video was also helpful!