Thursday, January 1, 2015

Buying Indie

Indie cosmetic stores are springing up like dandelions, especially when you realize what a great resource they can be! In the spring of 2014 I was very tired of every eye shadow being *sparkly*, it was so bad I was having nightmares I was trapped in a Twilight novel! It was about this time that the all Matte Palettes started making their presence known. From reviews on Youtube to blog posts Matte was everywhere. Since I am a big fan of the craft site Etsy I began browsing Matte Eyeshadows and thats when I discovered "Indie Cosmetics" (I was so behind the times I didn't even know that "Indie" was a thing!) My First purchase was from MumMum's Crafts I picked up Antique Silk,Brackenridge, and Lucky Shirt in Matte. I also got Deep, and Softly.
all are over ELF Mineral infused Primer. When my order arrived I was very disappointed in "Lucky Shirt" It was no where near as dark as it is pictured on the sellers site. It showed up more Aqua on my skin than Teal so I gave it away before getting a picture of it. The other four colors I am very pleased with. They apply smoothly, last a very long time and are true to their color. After this first foray into Hand/Home made cosmetics I have been hooked. I do recommend you do your research, check for Reviews & swatches on the colors you are wanting to purchase. Read the reviews on a sellers page. Make note of TAT's (turn around time. And most of all remember each item will react/show up differently on your skin than it would on mine, or on whoever else has previously swatched it.